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Mixdown up to 60 stems, includes master

Mixdown up to 60 stems, includes master

Export track as stems.

Get a link and drop the link in here.


You can send up to 60 stems.

I mix them down and create a master and send it to you.  if you think this is great and there are no changes then I make a Dynamic and LOUD version of the master.


Revision 1. If you need some changes like 'the pad is missing in the intro, I forgot to include that in the stems' or 'the ride is too loud' then let me know.  I make changes and make a new master.


Revision 2. If that first revision is not right and there is more to tweak, then I do that.  I make a master.


If that still needs tweaking, I send back the stems to you so that you can tweak the mixdown that I have done.  You send me the stereo output and I master it for free. 


If you then make different versions, then you are just booking those as masters.


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