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Jon Doe Hi Hats (144 Hi hats)

Jon Doe Hi Hats (144 Hi hats)

24 bit 48khz hi hats.

There are four folders of hats containing 144 hats:


Great Hats- 31 longer hats and 42 shorter hats.

These hats can be used to build great top end but considered 'main hats'.


Smart Hats- 11 hats of great quality but less chunky that the great hats.


Thick wide untrustworthy hats- 24 odd wide hats, these would probably be shortened and hidden beneath main hats to create extra width or to form unusual main hats.


Untrustworthy short hats- 36 hats to throw about in the mix to fill up various frequencies, scuffing around in the background.  Some of these have sharp high end cut off, uneven frequencies.  they do have a place in a mix to give flavour but you might not want to lend them money or invite them into your house.

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