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Jon Doe-Rides

Jon Doe-Rides

These rides are in 3 sections.


1. 10 Obvious Rides- these are eq'ed and ready to go.

2. The same 10 obvious rides but they have been ducked in level at the start.  If you are dropping rides on beat but they are not the main top end (which usually they are not) this drop in level provides a top end space which will allow your kick or on beat hat more priority.  If using them on the off beatm this ducking allows for the off beat hat or even attack of a stab sound more priority.  This is not only a practical thing but makes it sound like something else is more powerful too.


3. Different rides.  I have edited these to make different ride sounds which should be great in the mix, but you could be chucking them in quietly in your mix to hep the depth.  By quietly, I mean if your kick is at -10dB, this might be between -25dB to -35dB .

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