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Single track master- Includes Dynamic and Loud version

Single track master- Includes Dynamic and Loud version

Upload a link of your 24 bit .wav file (pre master).  Wetransfer is idea, or dropbox, or a soundcloud with download enabled.

Enter that link here, its a mandatory field.


I will master your track and send it back to you as a Dynamic and Loud version.  The dynamic version is ideal for youtube. Youtube limits the power, so when you go over that power (using limiting) it just turns it back down, meaning it doesnt sound louder but does have the limited affect... not good.  The loud version is for Djs. generally in dance music we use loud masters. 


I send this back to you either using wetransfer or wesendit from my jondoeclsm at hotmail account.  I have not been 1 week behind for a long time, I am usually 3 or 4 working days behind the front of the queue. 


To save money on multiple versions of the same track (vocal, extended, radio edit etc.) simply create one long file. I will process that as one track and deliver back to you as one long track which you can then split up as required.


I work using several programs and bouncing the audio out, there is not a set master chain. Having completed your order, if you wish to try out a new audio file, the new file takes as long to process as any new file from scratch.  I cannot simply place the new audio file in and click render.  As this does take as long as a new master, I dont accept new varients of the same track for free. You need to order a new master.

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