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Experience through production

I started making records on a tracker program in the mid 90s.  Then in a proper studio from 1995 at Stu-J's hard and fast, above Movement records where I also worked.  My first record 'The outsider' was cut at The Exchange by Nilz.  I continued to sit in on all the vinyl cuts, and there were a lot of them under various guises (c400).  My first rave records went on compilations, when I did a lot of hard house it went on some of my own labels but also on Nukleuz and Tidy Trax.  I also had breakbeat records out including the first FAT record Peacemaker 'Crisis'.  

Currently with Gavin Foord we make the FooR records, so at the time of writing I have 26 years of releasing records.  That gives me something unique in that I have experience of making the records you are making, often at a high level.  It has also given me an insight into why and how records are made as I hear all styles of records through my own mastering. I have also given advise to many producers, right down to the detail of the shape of the output of their kickdrum(!) who are now on cru cast or working their way through various scenes. 

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